Who We Are

We are proud to welcome You to the era of Digital Convenience.

Mahakarya was formed by a group of intelligent and creative young people which are aware of the technological development where in today's modern and sophisticated era is demanding to always evolve and innovate.

Armed with full passion, latest technology, innovative and creative ideas, Mahakarya is trustworthy and reliable to help providing digital solutions to meet the daily needs of consumers and business users in a new way, fast, and more fun.

Backed by professional and reliable experts, we are ready to help peoples to enter the digital era filled with convenience in accordance with their requirements.


To become a leading innovative technology firm and trustworthy in providing a solution in the world of information technology.


  • To provide creative solution for IT needs.
  • To create innovation following the technological trend and development.
  • To provide the best products/solutions and services.
  • To achieve the best satisfaction of the Stakeholder.